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The following Training Magazine Network webinars will feature a free virtual pass awarded to the Presentation Summit. For details on these free webinars and to register for any of them, click any of the SIGN UP links (all open into new browser windows).

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Tue, Apr 23
11a PDT / 2p EDT

No More Frantic Note-Taking: Create Learner-Friendly Handouts     Ellen Finkelstein
When you teach and your trainees take notes, they miss a lot of what you're saying. They're so focused on writing that they don't hear as much. AND, they don't have time to think about your lesson. In this practical session, you'll learn three techniques to create and deliver handouts so that your students can finally listen, digest, and integrate your training.  VIEW RECORDING

Thu, Apr 25
11a PDT / 2p EDT

Savvy PowerPoint Charting Tricks     Taylor Croonquist
While investment bankers build lots of charts in PowerPoint and Excel, they don't necessarily invest a lot of time creating them. Instead, they get the programs to do the heavy lifting for them. Join this session to level up your charting skills with some savvy charting tricks that investment bankers use to automate and simplify their chart creation process.  VIEW RECORDING

Tue, May 14
11a PDT / 2p EDT

Awesome PowerPoint Tricks     Richard Goring
PowerPoint is such an essential tool for all types of communication, but it's badly used. Revolutionize your content with amazing visuals, engage your audience with compelling animations, and impress them with beautiful, professional design. All using only PowerPoint. You'll see a host of visual storytelling techniques, all demonstrated live, that you can use immediately to create amazing presentations or interactive content. You'll see how to apply these to marketing content, sales conversations, and training sessions, and HR updates, plus get free sources for graphics and productivity boosting tools.  VIEW RECORDING

Tue, May 21
11a PDT / 2p EDT

Make Your PowerPoint Files Work Harder with Slide Masters     Chantal Bossé
Let's go deep into presentation planning with slide masters. After this session you will understand how to customize slide masters to avoid problems. You will also learn how to utilize the Notes master for handouts and speaker notes.  VIEW RECORDING

Tue, Jun 4
9a PDT / 12n EDT

Microsoft Cameo Breaks the Barrier for Presenters and Trainers     Rick Altman
Now available to all Microsoft 365 users, Cameo just might be the answer to your dreams if you have wanted to better integrate your virtual self with your slides. Cheaper than using a mixer and easier than Open Broadcast Software, Cameo takes your camera output and drops it right onto your slide. Using Cameo effectively involves a bit of redesign and some strategic thinking, without which Death by PowerPoint remains one misguided click away. This session will get you started with this exciting feature and introduce you to best practices.  SIGN UP

Tue, Jun 18
11a PDT / 2p EDT

Make Your Presentation Content More Interactive with Zoom and Triggers     Chantal Bossé
Go deep into content creation with two of PowerPoint's interactivity tools: Zoom and triggers. After this session, you will understand how to create and use the various Zoom features to create interactive content. You will also learn how to use triggers to easily access extra content on demand.  SIGN UP

Tue, Jul 9
9a PDT / 12p EDT

Video Production on a Shoestring Budget      William Everhart
We have all suffered through online learning content that featured poor audio and/or video. Have you ever stopped and asked yourself why? Why would anyone sit through this? In this session you will learn how to improve your audio and video quality by optimizing your recording workflow and making smart equipment purchases that won't break your budget.  SIGN UP

Thu, Jul 11
9a PDT / 12n EDT

Slide Decks that Inspire and Don't Tire     Amy Saville
Your slide deck is NOT your training! It's a visual aid to your training, and in this hour we'll explore the characteristics that good slide decks share.  SIGN UP

Thu, Sep 26
9a PDT / 12n EDT

PowerPoint Pro: New Solutions to Six Common Problems     Mike Parkinson
Most presentations stink and almost all decks could be better. Join Mike as he shares the six most common presentation and slide mistakes and his innovative solutions to stop them from happening. Watch Mike transform slides from bland to grand. Make designing amazing decks and slides easy. Avoid cringy cliches with Mike's pro techniques and tools.  SIGN UP